About Us

The Global BIM Network connects public sector representatives and multi-lateral organizations to implement digital innovation and share the socio-economic benefits for people and places.

The Global BIM Network, established in March 2021, connects international public sector representatives and multi-lateral organizations with the aim of advancing the digitalisation of the global built environment and sharing the resulting benefits.

Building information modelling (BIM) is a powerful digital innovation tool, which combines technical standards, technology, data, collaborative working and digital skills, and delivers better outcomes for projects, people and places.  

The Network is the natural development of the increased level of international collaboration between governments and multi-lateral organisations on the digitalisation agenda in the construction industry and built environment. These collaborations include the EU BIM Task Group, the UK’s Prosperity Funded Global Infrastructure Program and CDBB’s International programme; Singapore’s Regional BIM Symposiums, the Inter-American Development Bank and the Red BIM de Gobiernos Latinoamericanos in Latin America. These partnerships have stimulated national BIM programmes and regional initiatives that promote the use of digital across the public and private sector, aligned with a common language and common benefits.   

Aims and benefits of the Global BIM Network

The Global BIM Network aims to build on its members’ transformation journeys to transition towards a digital built environment that delivers socio-economic benefits for people and places while boosting the global economy.  

Digital transformation is a critical enabler for the public sector, which manages public expenditure on community services, utilities and infrastructure. The adoption of BIM can yield benefits for the private sector and the economy as a whole by fostering a more open and competitive construction sector. This means delivering more efficiently, providing greater value for public money and increased transparency.  

The benefit of digital is not limited to new construction projects, it includes refurbishment of aged infrastructure and goes beyond the construction stage to include operation and maintenance, enabling the information management for digital twins and smarter cities. 

The Network is primarily for public sector representatives, multi-lateral organisations and infrastructure funders to advance the knowledge and capacity of national policies and programmes. It will connect members working on similar developments in different parts of the world with similar challenges to share insights, resources, project outcomes and lessons learned.  

This website is an online repository primarily for the global public sector and multi-lateral organizations seeking guidance, accessing and sharing documentation, protocols, operational manuals, case studies, tools, training materials and other resources to facilitate the strategic introduction of BIM worldwide. It is also open to everyone with an interest in growing the benefits from the structured use of BIM as part of the larger digital transformation of the sector.  

Find out more about our aims and objectives by visiting Our Mission page and Terms of Reference page.

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