Our Roadmap

The Global BIM Network’s strategic Roadmap outlines a vision and collaborative pathway for public sector leadership across the globe to promote the digitalisation of the built environment

Launched at the General Assembly on 2 December 2021, the Global BIM Network’s Roadmap 2021-2025 aims to support the digitalisation of the built environment for the public good. This initiative will promote public sector leadership efforts to collaborate with industry on the critical opportunity of digitalisation in response to the pandemic, climate change, and to drive inclusive growth through capacity building and knowledge transfer.  

The Roadmap has been co-created by representatives from international public sector and multi-lateral organisations and public infrastructure funders connected and collaborating through the Network. 

Adam Matthews, Chair of the Global BIM Network Steering Committee and Head of International at the Centre for Digital Built Britain, said: “The Roadmap sets the framework for a global collaboration across all regions to advance the public sector’s ability to support the sector’s digitalisation – at scale.  Accelerating the digitalisation of the built environment through the use of BIM across the construction and infrastructure sector globally enables us to deliver more sustainable, efficient and cost-effective infrastructure to communities around the world. The Roadmap marks the next step of the growing Network’s journey as more countries and regions recognise the benefits of working together to progress their digitalisation and built environment information management strategies – and share the benefits.”

Valentina Sarmiento, President of the BIM Network of Latin American Governments, said: “As a regional network, we have direct experience of the benefits of sharing experiences and globalizing our knowledge. Being part of the Global BIM Network is essential for us because it opens the road to facilitate further international cooperation. We hope that the establishment of this global collaboration helps all the countries to accelerate their own programmes by creating an international hub where we can learn from each other’s experience. I would encourage other countries looking to increase the productivity of their construction industry through digital transformation to join the Global BIM Network.”

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