Our Mission

The Global BIM Network is committed to sharing its members’ digital transformation journeys towards a digital built environment that brings benefits for people, places and societies

The Global BIM Network’s vision is to share members’ transformation journeys to transition towards a digital built environment that delivers greater social and economic benefits for all. Our digital platform aims to facilitate the sharing of knowledge on BIM processes, enable international collaboration and raise awareness of innovative research and technology developments. 

Through our website and future collaborative initiatives, the Network will strive to enhance governance, communicate with industry and foster the development of human capital by expanding the understanding and skill sets of people working in the built environment. 

Global adoption of BIM

As public policy makers, infrastructure owners and funders, all network participants recognise the value that digitalisation, currently BIM aligned with international standards, brings to the construction sector and the delivery of the world’s infrastructure. Information management for the built environment can create a more open and competitive construction sector that: 

  • delivers more efficiently and provides greater value and transparency to public procurement 
  • is inclusive of diversity 
  • contributes to the effectiveness and performance of the public estate 
  • supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.  

Value proposition and benefits

The Global BIM Network aims to deliver value in three distinct areas:  

  • directly to its members  
  • indirectly to the public procurers, owners, suppliers and maintainers of the built environment  
  • better outcomes and performance of the built environment.  

Members will benefit directly by connecting with peers with shared challenges or working on similar developments in different parts of the world. They will have easy access to a growing body of information and reference material available to the public sector on the national, organisational or project level introduction of BIM. This will help them acquaint themselves with good practices, informing new and existing programs.  

As this website is an open source of information, benefits will also extend to all stakeholders in the built environment, widening participation and helping the Network to grow. These collaborations will have tangible repercussion on living environments, congested urban areas and public assets, whether community buildings, public utilities or infrastructure. 

A growing platform for a thriving community

A great advantage of sharing knowledge is avoiding duplication of efforts. Common problems and gaps in knowledge (policy, procurement or technical) can also be addressed. Members will create a vibrant community of public and private sector practitioners championing digital ways of working to benefit the construction sector globally. By working together, the public sector and investors can foster common standards and policies to increase the global benefits.  

Documents, multimedia materials and other resources will be added to our website as the Network develops. It will organise knowledge-sharing meetings and events to showcase projects, experiences, highlight diversity and inform on digital innovation, new working practices and technical guidance. 

The Network will liaise with the technology sector, expressing active interest in taking part in technology standardisation forums while representing the client’s voice with technology vendors to provide encouragement for open data standards and promoting technical support and solutions. 

Why create a Global BIM Network?

In this video, leaders of the global construction sector discuss how international collaboration through the Global BIM Network will allow governments to share lessons learnt, tackle challenges collaboratively and co-develop the guidance, tools and evidence that will inform national and international policy on better infrastructure delivery through digital. 

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