What is the Information Collection?

The Information Collection is the knowledge base of the Global BIM Network. It is organised geographically and under four categories: Public leadership, Collaborative framework, Communication & communities and Capability & capacity building

The Information Collection is the knowledge base of the Global BIM Network’s digital platform. This section of our website groups BIM resources shared by members of the Network. These resources are organised geographically and structured under four categories, known as information pillars: 

  • Public leadership (BIM policy, legislation, programmes, strategy and plans) 
  • Collaborative framework (legal, procurement, technical references, guidance, templates and tools)    
  • Communication and communities (references to communities of practice, media publications and websites) 
  • Capability and capacity building (training materials, case studies and skills development). 

Visitors to the website can search by country or region and find multimedia information on BIM initiatives comprising governmental policies, plans and strategies, legal and technical documents, international standard guidance, case studies and training videos, to name a few. 

Each resource has links to downloadable documents or official websites of governmental and non-governmental organisations that are active in championing BIM in public sector construction and infrastructure projects. 

Individuals who are interested in BIM initiatives can find out which organisations are active in each country or region and learn more about their journey to digital ways of working in construction. 

Members of the Network can share lessons learned and case studies showcasing innovative approaches to the introduction of BIM to public organisations and projects.