What is the Information Collection?

The Information Collection is the Global BIM Network’s digital knowledge base. It is a rich resource for stakeholders engaged at all levels in the global built environment. The Collection enables individuals and organizations to gain a better view of BIM processes and practices around the world. Stakeholders use the Collection to spark thinking and understanding, make connections, and harness the power of BIM to transform the global built environment.

A tool for transformation: The Information Collection is a fully searchable, open-access digital knowledge base. It recognizes that BIM is about much more than technical innovation. Changes made by stakeholders at national, organizational, and project levels are all contributing to the successful transformation of the global built environment. Enduring sectoral transformation relies on these new approaches cascading down from the highest levels of governance. Changes to national policies, programmes, and regulatory environments, for example, spill down to the organizational level. In turn, new approaches there are opening up opportunities to engage with BIM at the project level.

Many ways to search: This thinking is reflected in one of the ways in which the Information Collection can be searched. The resources are organized into four strategic areas, or pillars:

  • Public leadership;
  • Communication and communities;
  • Collaborative framework; and
  • Capability and capacity building.

This framework recommends that public sector led programmes are most effective and robust when these four strategic areas are well defined and developed equally and concurrently. The Collection’s resources are also organized by country or region, resource type and transformation state. Each resource has links to downloadable documents or official websites of governmental and non-governmental organizations that are active in championing BIM in public sector construction and infrastructure projects.

Benefits: The large amount of information signposted, organized, and made readily available in the Information Collection enables stakeholders in the global built environment to gain a better view of BIM around the world.

  • Access to material from other people and organizations with shared issues, challenges, or goals helps stakeholders learn much faster about BIM processes and practices.
  • Individuals who are interested in BIM initiatives can find out which organisations are active in each country or region and learn more about their journey to digital ways of working in construction.
  • Members of the Network can share lessons learned and case studies showcasing innovative approaches to the introduction of BIM to public organizations and projects. 
  • BIM methodologies derive greater social, economic and environmental benefits from the built environment.
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