Model Element Authoring (MEA) schedule – Template

BIM Acceleration Committee

The appendicies to the New Zealand BIM Handbook have been published by the BIM acceleration committee (BAC) and were created to promote the use of BIM and it’s benefits to create, maintain and operate quality built assest in New Zealand. These appendices explain and give examples of some of the different BIM elements which can be applied to projects. These appendices contain guidance as well as templates which can be used as a resource on projects, to facilitate early BIM adoption.

This schedule, in the form of an appendix example, assigns responsibilities to model elements via an author (MEA) and defines Level of Development (LOD) for those model elements across project stages. Model elements ownership can be transferred between participating parties, but should be clearly defined in the table within this example. This MEA schedule is a starting point for a project and the selection of elements in the schedule. It should reflect individual project requirements and be agreed by participating parties. This resource is the template which is available in Word format, the example file is also available on the Information collection.

An archive version of this information article has been created if the original is no longer accessible (Archive information from January 2024)


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