General Assembly: First outcomes & looking ahead

diciembre 14, 2021

The Global BIM Network’s first General Assembly on 2 December 2021 brought together 300 public sector and multilateral representatives from 71 countries to discuss the national and regional BIM initiatives that are accelerating the digital transformation of the construction sector. The event was delivered in English, Spanish, French and Japanese. Many more people signed up and expressed an interest in accessing the recordings, which are being processed and will be uploaded in the New Year. A report is also being compiled, to be shared on our website.

We would like to thank all the speakers, which included 12 global leadership personalities in three sessions focusing on cost-benefit methodologies, procurement practices around the world and the collaboration between government and industry to drive benefits for people and places.

Launch of our Roadmap

The Network’s Roadmap 2021-2025 was developed by representatives from international public sector and multi-lateral organisations and public infrastructure funders connected and collaborating through the Network. It was created to promote public sector leadership efforts to collaborate with industry on digitalisation in response to the pandemic, climate change, and to drive inclusive growth through capacity building and knowledge transfer. The Roadmap, launched at the General Assembly, will enable sharing best practice for infrastructure policy, investment and procurement.

Our Call for Knowledge

The General Assembly also sparked interest in membership of the network and in our Call for Knowledge, which aims to foster a more collaborative global digital construction sector by offering free resources in an easily accessible information collection. 

The Information Collection is the knowledge base of the Global BIM Network. It is organised geographically and under four categories: Public leadership, Collaborative framework, Communication & communities and Capability & capacity building. Additional filters will allow visitors to choose resources by region, country and type among others.

These resources have been shared by members of the Network and currently include countries such as the UK, Chile, Singapore, the Czech Republic, Colombia, France, Estonia, Argentina, Vietnam, Peru and the USA; and regions like Europe, Latin America and Asean. There are also some global resources, which are useful for organisations that collaborate on international projects. A world’s view at a glance can be obtained by visiting the Global Snapshot’s page

Our knowledge base includes policy and legislation documents, technical references, collaborative templates, guidance and tools and information shared by organisations that champion BIM at national and international levels. Training materials are also included to support countries that are at the start of their digitalisation journey. Case studies offer valuable insights in the challenges and successes experienced by different countries in public sector construction and infrastructure projects. More items will be added in the coming months.

To contribute to our Call for Knowledge, please click here. If you would like to join the Network and be informed of future updates, please sign up here.

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