Atlas of Open BIM Standards

BIM Loket

BIM Loket is working towards a sector in which working with BIM and open standards is the norm. As part of this they need to develop information and training related to BIM to upskill the industry and increase the capability to deliver these requirements. The BIM Loket website contains lots of information and support documentation like this Atlas of Open BIM Standards. In the Atlas of open BIM standards you will find an overview of the various standards, and their mutual relationships from different angles. In addition to the existing relationships, the atlas also describes desired, future relationships. In this way, the atlas provides input for the BIM Loket’s plans for the coming years. The appendix contains a more detailed description per standard, including the relationships with the other standards.

The atlas not only describes the standards that are managed at BIM Loket, but also related standards of our partner organizations and important international standards and norms. In the document “Roadmap standards analysis c1” the relationships between all these standards have been explored in more detail. Both documents form the input for the (further) development of the Roadmap standards in 2020. The Roadmap, in turn, forms input for the BIM Loket’s long-term plan. In addition, the Roadmap is important input for the Digital Built Environment System (DSGO), which will be set up in the coming years in the context of digitization movement for the construction of digiGO.

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