Australian BIM Strategic Framework

Australasian BIM Advisory Board (ABAB)

Australian State and Territory Governments recognise the value of BIM in the delivery and management of buildings and infrastructure assets across Australia. BIM offers many benefits throughout the asset’s lifecycle and has the potential to drive efficiency, value for money, productivity and innovation. Governments are committed to enabling and supporting Australian industry and asset owners to take advantage of the opportunities provided by BIM in design, construction and asset lifecycle management.

The Australian BIM Strategic Framework is the first key step to establishing a basis for governments to adopt a consistent national approach to BIM in major building and infrastructure construction projects. Australian industry also shares a responsibility for ensuring that it develops capability, expertise and skills.

Government policy and public procurement are powerful tools to support such a transformation. State’s and Territory’s leadership will encourage the development of industry’s capability and the adoption of BIM in large government building and infrastructure projects, while enhancing the opportunity to significantly improve the productivity of construction activities and asset management.

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