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Austrian Standards is Austria’s organisation for standardisation and innovation . They are an independent and neutral group tasked with supporting standards which are delivered as practicable, sustainable solutions for economic and social challenges. These standards are designed to make life easier, safer and better, whilst strengthening the competitiveness of the Austrian and European economy.

The Austrian Standards organisation works to:

  • Promote the dialogue between various stakeholders on a national and international level.
  • Act as the gateway to a global standardization network and numerous partner organizations.
  • Share the methodical know-how to start and manage cooperative processes.
  • Make standards, documents and information accessible with innovative tools.
  • Prepare specialist knowledge using multimedia, promote professional development and offer different certification models.

BIM is the new common language of the construction industry in Austria. Through the work of the Austrian Standards organisation the ÖNORMs series A 6241 of standards have been in effect since July 1st, 2015. In these standards, all aspects of BIM technology are taken into account and provided dynamically to the project participants for the software products they use with innovative digital construction components. The Austrian approach is on the one hand a fundamental and on the other hand a more advanced approach, due to a known sets of rules. An essential component is a dynamic, freely expandable database of characteristics based on open standards, international compatibility and multilingualism in terms of user guidance and content. This website contains the background to the Austrian standards as well as document links and details of the ongoing work as well as previous successes.

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