BIM Alliance Sweden

BIM Alliance Sweden

BIM Alliance Sweden is a sector-driven, non-profit association that works for better community building with the help of BIM and digital structured information management. The Alliance has a vision and purpose of promoting a digital uninterrupted flow of information through all processes in the public construction sector. This will be done by working for the implementation, research and development of digital processes for information and open standards among all stakeholders, as well as for competence in the area. The Alliance aims to drive the social changes needed for digital transformation and renewed business logic, to promote a positive and sustainable development in planning, construction and management.

The BIM Alliance Sweden’s board has identified seven strategic areas that are crucial in the coming years:

  • Information dissemination / network
  • Information standards
  • Processes / organisation
  • Law / procurement
  • Research and Development
  • Training
  • Environment.

The website contains the latest information around current news, membership, projects and other documentation useful for the adoption of BIM.

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