BIM Basic Information Delivery Specification

BIM Loket

BIM Loket is working towards a sector in which working with BIM and open standards is the norm. As part of this they need to develop information and training related to BIM to upskill the industry and increase the capability to deliver these requirements. The BIM Loket website contains lots of information and support documentation like this section on ILS Design & Engineering. The Information Delivery Specification Design & Engineering (ILS O&E) is an initiative with the potential to make a very big impact. On 1 January 2021, the management of the ILS O&E was transferred to the BIM Loket who wholeheartedly support this initiative and it’s future development.

The second version of this implementing directive builds on the previously laid foundation and has been supplemented with feedback and insights from the professional field. This renewed BIM basis ILS offers guidance and tips for the structured and unambiguous exchange of information in construction. The guide goes through the various steps of information exchange, from section 1 on why we exchange information through to Section 4 which looks at what information is required as a minimum in the development of the 3D models.


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