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BIM Loket is working towards a sector in which working with BIM and open standards is the norm. As part of this they need to develop information and training related to BIM to upskill the industry and increase the capability to deliver these requirements. The BIM Loket website contains lots of information and support documentation like this series of documents and downloads related to BIM in Infrastructure. Better use of digitization and computerization is an important ‘driver’ in enabling a productivity leap. Seamless exchange of digital information between clients and contractors is essential and accelerates the digitization of the infrastructure sector. This is only possible if all parties involved speak the same language. That is why the Department of Engineering Firms Construction Companies (VIB) of Bouwend Nederland and the BIM Loket are introducing the BIM basis Infra. With these agreements on data exchange, the sector is taking an important step towards better digital collaboration.

Client, contractor, supplier and subcontractor in the infrastructure sector have a common language for 3D modeling. The BIM basis Infra is not a new standard but an answer to the question: how are we going to exchange digital information in the infrastructure in a structured and unambiguous way? Agreements have been made with BIM basis Infra about the exchange of models, such as file names and type of CAD files (such as .dwg). But also which geographical coordinate system is used to position a bridge or road, so that all models fit together. In addition, we record what information we add to 3D models, such as used material (such as concrete or asphalt).


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