BIM Conference

Association for Construction Industry Digitalisation, Latvia

The BIM Conference is organised by the Association for Construction Industry Digitalisation (Būvniecības Industrijas Digitalizācijas asociācija), a public, non-governmental organisation. This annual event brings together experienced professionals in the construction and technology sectors who understand the difficulties and challenges of the built environment and are able to find the right solutions. The association also cooperates with a number of academic institutions to deliver the event.

Representatives of the Latvian state, non-governmental organisations, the private sector and representatives from other countries speak at the conference, sharing their experiences of the benefits of using BIM in both public procurement and production, design and construction processes.

The conference generally consists of three parts: presentations, discussions and practical workshops. While there is usually a fee to attend the conference, the organisers make recordings of the sessions, which are available free of charge after the event.

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