BIM Forum Uruguay

BIM Forum Uruguay

BIM Forum Uruguay is an organisation whose purpose is to promote and accelerate the process of adoption and implementation of the BIM methodology in Uruguay through research, dissemination and training activities. These are conducted in the construction industry, in the public sector, in the private sector and in academia.

This BIM Forum was formed by a collective group including the Chamber of Construction of Uruguay (CCU), the National Corporation for Development (CND), the Academy, institutions, companies and organisations, professionals, students and other stakeholders interested in BIM at a national level. Its vision is to lead implementation and be a reference, from a technical point of view.

BIM Forum Uruguay also functions as a national meeting place for BIM, seeking to contribute to the knowledge and development of companies, public institutions, professionals, students and other stakeholders linked to the construction sector. It disseminates good practices to contribute to the development of the construction industry, mainly in terms of productivity, sustainability and competitiveness.

The website contains many reference documents, videos and other information, including:

  • Developing a National BIM Strategy or Plan.
  • Publicising BIM tools/methodologies and promoting its adoption and implementation in both the public and private sectors, and in the field of education.
  • Encouraging BIM training at all levels: students, technicians, professionals and teachers through joint work with the Academy. Dissemination and support of seminars, talks, events associated with BIM.
  • Developing standards and regulations related to BIM.
  • Promoting the articulation between all BIM stakeholders.
  • Promoting research and innovation related to the use of BIM in the built environment.

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