BIM Guide 3 – Adoption

Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)

This BIM Guide, published by myBIM is formulated as a fundamental approach to educate construction players for the BIM adoption in Malaysia. The Guide enables construction industry players to improve productivity and efficiency of the construction process by adopting higher usage of modern technology. This is in line with the Construction Industry Transformation Programme (CITP) which aims to raise productivity level across the Malaysian construction industry. This BIM Guide provides directive, references and process guidelines to the construction players at both organisational and project level and has been published in three booklets. This guide forms as the final part 3, BIM Implementation. Part 1 and 2 look cover the topics of BIM Awareness and BIM Readiness.

This guide is booklet 3 of the suite of 3 published and aims to assist readers in identifying the factors to consider when adopting BIM. This booklet will explain BIM project requirement, roles and responsibilities, infrastructure needs, deliverables and execution plan. Understanding the basic and fundamental of BIM will assist readers to know HOW BIM can be adopted in their organisations/projects. This booklet will explain the decision making process prior to BIM adoption.
For further understanding and clarification of the BIM adoption processes, it is advisable for the construction players to acquire skills and knowledge by attending the myBIM BIM Roadshow, BIM training programs provided by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) and refer to Jabatan Kerja RayaÂ’s (JKR) BIM Guideline.


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