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The BIM Institute is Africa’s official voice for BIM, as a non-profit company their objective is to improve the construction quality and productivity of the built environment through the leadership of information and education. It is impartial and remains software agnostic while supporting and helping to deliver the standards and requirements for BIM in Africa. The BIM Institute serves as Africa’s BIM voice in learning and development for the built environment. The organisation also provides guidance to AEC organisations wanting to implement BIM and programmes specially designed for students and post graduate in the built environment industry in the form of blended learning modules of interactive online LMS, ongoing webinars with experts around the world, range of online BIM tools software courses and access to virtual expo demonstrations with leading technology vendors. The information is directed at organisations that have already made the decision to implement BIM and are now asking the question “So what do we do next?” The BIM Institute for Africa provides some generic guidance that will need to be adapted to suit the particular needs of your organisation or project.

The BIM Institute website contains several useful resources which can be used by organisations looking to implement BIM within their organisation. The website contains information about the group as well as a membership portal to sign up as a free member. The website contains the BIM Institutes “National BIM Guide” as well as a blog of recent news and details of past, present and future events. Finally the website contains a series of online learning and training modules.


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