BIM Legal & Contractual Requirements

Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)

The global Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0) calls for Malaysian Construction Industry to transform their current approaches and practices in order to contribute significantly to the nation’s economic prosperity. IR4.0 will transform the Malaysian Construction Industry from intensive labour force-based industry to the use of automation and mechanisation to improve productivity and efficiency. The process involves optimising the conventional construction process towards Construction 4.0 through the application of advanced technologies. The introduction of BIM has helped transform the conventional construction process into an innovative delivery model. BIM requires specific legal and contractual requirements. In Malaysia, an increasing number of projects have started to use BIM at various levels since early 2000, however, contractual arrangements still remain conventional. To meet BIM requirement, the legal and contract terms should consider to be extended to digital construction production processes (model, data and information).

This document highlights the Legal & Contractual implications of BIM encountered by the Malaysian construction industry. Therefore, suggestions for improvement to accommodate Construction 4.0 are proposed. This document is designed to aid the stakeholders to embrace Construction 4.0 by addressing the challenges and proposing strategic outcomes. It should be read as the motivation to reform the Malaysian industry, thrusting the industry into Construction 4.0. This document provides the framework by categorising the case for change, where it currently is, where it wants to be and how it gets there? Leveraging on the legal and contractual issues of BIM implementation, this document suggests appropriate and specific action plans to drive the Malaysia Construction Industry productivity and efficiency towards Construction 4.0.

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