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BIM Loket aims to challenge everyone in the construction, real estate, infrastructure and spatial environment to work together on digitization, based on an open information playground. Existing capacity problems require an acceleration and renewal of the sector. This is only possible with an impulse in the field of digitization and computerization. Technically, more and more is possible. What is especially needed now is a culture change to adopt those opportunities. The BIM Loket started in 2015 as a partnership on computerization in construction, and grew into a ‘clubhouse’ of, for and by the sector. Meanwhile, the ambition extends further BIM Loket see their role as a network driver of digital, integral collaboration and innovation. Together with the market, they are working towards a sector in which working with BIM and open standards is the norm.

Together with their network, BIM Loket have a wealth of expertise to ensure that the ‘BIM snowball’ grows as quickly as possible, and that as many organizations as possible can benefit from this digital change. The aim of the BIM Loket is to share knowledge, information, news and resources related to BIM in the Netherlands. The website contains a wealth of information around all elements of the BIM Loket work as many standards and guidance documents as part of their BIM Library.


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