BIM Particular Conditions

Building and Construction Authority

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) champions the development and transformation of the built environment sector, in order to improve SingaporeÂ’s living environment. BCA oversees areas such as safety, quality, inclusiveness, sustainability and productivity, all of which, together with their stakeholders and partners help enables them to meet their mission to transform the Built Environment sector and shape a liveable and smart built environment for Singapore. BCA leads the transformation of the built environment sector through developing a highly competent professional workforce, adopting productive and game-changing technologies, and promoting the sectorÂ’s niche expertise overseas.

This legal guidance document produced by the BCA committee aims to address some of the legal challenges around BIM and itÂ’s procurement on projects. The guide runs through the main challenges providing advice and clarity which can be adopted onto live projects. This document is for use in construction projects where BIM is used and shall be called the BIM Particular Conditions. All parties in such projects may incorporate the BIM Particular Conditions into their respective agreements or contracts for services, supply and/or construction for the project. The BIM Particular Conditions can be used for all methods of procurement. However, this document does not cover all issues in the use of BIM; especially those that may be specific to any particular user. The BIM steering committee therefore encourages users to review and adapt the BIM Particular Conditions for specific use. Users should obtain appropriate professional/legal advice before making any changes to the BIM Particular Conditions.

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