BIM Standard PL

Polish Association of Construction Employers (PZPB)
Mar 10, 2020

The Polish Association of Construction Employers (Polski ZwiÄ…zek Pracodawców Budownictwa – PZPB) is a nationwide organisation grouping companies from the infrastructure and construction industry, which together generate over PLN 50 billion of the value of construction and assembly production in Poland and employ over 50,000 people. Among the PZPB member companies there are 13 of the 15 largest enterprises dealing with comprehensive investment implementation, development companies, specialised design companies, companies producing construction products, machines, providing technologies and others related to the infrastructure and construction sector.

This study presents the results of several years of social work on Polish BIM standards intended for public investments in construction, tentatively named BIM Standard PL. The project began in 2014, when an agreement was signed between the Polish Association of Construction Engineers and Technicians (PZITB), the Association of Polish Architects (SARP) and the Chief Construction Supervision Office (GUNB) regarding cooperation in legislative processes related to construction, with one of the topics being BIM.

As a result of this agreement, under the aegis of PZITB and SARP, a think tank called V4 BIM Task Group was established, which gathered a group of the experts in the field of BIM to formulate the Polish path to BIM implementation. Three main goals were identified: implementation of BIM in public investments in construction, staff education and standardisation of BIM processes. The year 2025 was indicated as the deadline.

BIM Standard PL started in 2018 with the signature of a declaration of cooperation between PZITB, the Polish Association of Construction Employers (PZPB), SARP and Budimex, Skanska, Warbud and Porr to develop a draft of BIM standards for public investments in construction. It is intended as a comprehensive BIM manual for investment, management and construction professionals mainly in the public sector. BIM Standard PL is addressed both to the ordering party and contractors, with particular emphasis on good preparation of the BIM information process and correct implementation. Due to the different level of BIM competences among potential users, BIM Standard PL is not only defining the standards but also offers educational materials to acquire BIM competences. This document is not an official standard but a proposal, made available for market evaluation and discussion.

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