BIM Standards and Guidelines Version 2.0

Hong Kong Housing Authority

The Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) is a statutory body established in April 1973 under the Housing Ordinance. The HA develops and implements a public housing programme which seeks to achieve the Government’s policy objective of meeting the housing needs of low-income families that cannot afford private accommodation. The HA plans, builds, manages and maintains different types of public housing, including rental housing, interim housing and transit centres. In addition, the HA owns and operates a number of flatted factories and ancillary commercial and other non-domestic facilities.

Contained on the HA BIM website these HA BIM Standards and Guidelines (Version 2.0) help the industry in Hong Kong with their BIM adoption. The guides ensure that all parties are clearly aware of the opportunities and responsibilities associated with the incorporation of BIM into the project workflow. It defines the appropriate uses of BIM on a project along with the detailed design and documentation of the process for executing BIM throughout a projects lifecycle. By following the procedures set out. the team can follow and monitor their progress against thi splan to gain the maximum benefits from BIM implementation.


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