BIM Templates (EIR, BEP, MPDT, etc.)

Ministry of Development & Technology

The Ministry of Development & technology for Poland has appointed a BIM working group and steering committee. The group and committee developed BIM templates to support the implementation of digital ways of working in public projects in residential construction. These are universal document templates to be used in public and private construction projects.

This set of 12 BIM templates were created by involving all stakeholders (designers, engineers, general contractors, ministries, etc.), which had the opportunity to submit comments and proposals for solutions to be used in these documents.

The BIM set includes:

  • BIM Lexicon
  • BIM Requirements Template (EIR) Overview
  • BIM Requirements Template (EIR)
  • BIM Plan (BEP) template overview
  • BIM Plan Template (BEP)
  • Table of production and supply of models (Template, overview, example)
  • BIM annex to the contract.

These BIM templates should be used as a proposal for the layout of documents and their minimum content, which will allow for the proper implementation of BIM to meet all the project and organisational requirements. These templates can be adapted to suit a project.

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