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BIM Acceleration Committee

The appendicies to the New Zealand BIM Handbook have been published by the BIM acceleration committee (BAC) and were created to promote the use of BIM and it’s benefits to create, maintain and operate quality built assest in New Zealand. These appendices explain and give examples of some of the different BIM elements which can be applied to projects. These appendices contain guidance as well as templates which can be used as a resource on projects, to facilitate early BIM adoption.

This handbooked has identified a number of processes or tasks such as design authoring and coordination. This hand booked lists these tasks as used. Twenty-one separate uses have been identified. Some uses are commonly used on projects; others are an indication of where BIM may be applied in the future. Over the past five years the BIM Acceleration Committee, in conjunction with EBOSS, has collected data on the levels of usage for each BIM. The report includes data that was drawn from an industry control group of small-to-large parties, covering all the cycle stages.

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