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Roads & Traffic Agency, Belgium

The Agency for Roads and Traffic (Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer, AWV) manages about 7,000 km of regional and motorway roads and more than 7,700 km of bicycle paths. Within AWV, the central ‘Planning and Coordination’ department, and more specifically the ‘Team BIM’, is responsible for drawing up and executing the ‘AIM-BIM program’. The BIM Team works closely with experts from the territorial AWV departments and external experts to build up the Object Types Library (OTL) for the various technical disciplines and to develop the BIM guidelines for investment projects and assignments for management and maintenance.

The importance of BIM and digital collaboration in the construction sector is growing, especially for infrastructure projects. As a road manager, AWV wants to guide and support the adoption of BIM, both for collaboration during the study and implementation of projects, and for the use of intelligent information models during further management and maintenance. The AWV knows that this cannot be done in isolation, but that the constructive cooperation with all project partners is crucial for the success of the BIM process. The website disseminates information, FAQ’s and other important documents related to AWV’s BIM implementation plans.

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