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Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV)

Digital planning and construction are to become the standards for federal infrastructure projects in Germany by 2020. The central element is the use of BIM as the basis of digital building models. BIM will help projects to deliver all data required for the lifecycle of a building, from planning, construction to operation, which can be recorded, exchanged and further processed between all parties involved in the project.

In October 2016, the BIM4INFRA2020 working group was commissioned by the former Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure to create important prerequisites for the implementation of the BIM step-by-step plan over a period of two years. These include:

  • The development of an achievable level of performance for the introduction of BIM.
  • The monitoring of the pilot projects and expansion of the pilot’s phase.
  • Investigation of legal issues and development of recommendations for future contract design.
  • Provision of appropriate guidelines and templates for the awarding and processing of BIM services, in particular BIM user cases.
  • Identification of requirements for uniform data structures for the infrastructure sector – Development of a uniform database concept and a BIM library.
  • Information and public relations.

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