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Building Information Modeling and Management Association

BIM4TURKEY is a platform belonging to “Building Information Modeling and Management Association”. It is the center of transformation for the construction industry. BIM4TURKEY aims to facilitate the integration of BIM easier and smoother to the building industry, Higher Education and public companies. BIM4TURKEY provides the ground for communication and cooperation for all the parties involved in a design and construction project. BIM committees help for capacity building and awareness about BIM in Turkey with regular reports on building standards and accelerate the integration of BIM into the sector. They aim to support construction companies to improve their competitiveness in the international arena. They organize events and workshops to build awareness towards these goals and develop critical mass in BIM and form a community of practice and academics in BIM, sharing knowledge and technology via the BIM University.

The BIM4Turkey website contains lots of information related to recent events, webinars and recordings which contain useful information. The website also has a ‘university’ section with several pages related to BIM education programmes.


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