BIMTECH (Association for the Research, Development, and Implementation of Building Technologies)

BIMTECH is a group which help the construction sector in Romania to become efficient, sustainable, and operate at the level of international standards. The group do this through work in three areas, Research, Development and Implementation. BIMTECH creates a pole of competence that includes specialists and information that support the construction sector by actively supporting projects based on the BIM concept. They analyze and recommend technologies that comply with international and local standards, in accordance with the design requirements, ensuring the way to optimize the design, execution, operation times, and the tools used. They offer expertise in BIM pilot projects, which are the starting point for observing and implementing functional workflows in the construction sector through a consolidated approach to the stages of the building life cycle.

The BIMTECH group is a multidisciplinary team of specialists consisting of academics, architects, engineers, lawyers and entrepreneurs. The members of the Association want to associate in order to research, develop and implement applicable technologies within a platform for the design, management, execution and operation of the built environment. This website contains details of the group and their activities as well as the latest news, details of pilot projects, recent video recordings and upcoming events.


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