BIR Leaflet 2 – Open BIM Standards

Building Information Council (Bouw Informatie Raad - BIR)

The Building Information Council (Bouw Informatie Raad, or BIR) promotes widespread application of BIM in the Dutch construction and infrastructure industry. BIR is a unique partnership between various stakeholders in the construction industry, where the members represent both their construction industry segment and their own company. They make practical agreements that are in the interests of the entire industry and ensure these are implemented within their own segment. The partnership focuses on implementing BIM to strengthen the quality, continuity and competitive position of the Dutch construction and infrastructure industry. The resources cotained on the website help to accelerate the development and adoption of BIM within the Netherlands.

This two page leaflet has been written to givs insight into the Open BIM standards already available in the Netherlands. It is on this overview that the Building Information Council’s BIM standards policy is based. This leaflet explains how to use open standards, what an open standard is, and why we need open standards. The document highlights the various open standards available with descriptions of each.