BIR Leaflet 4A – BIM Legal, General

Building Information Council (Bouw Informatie Raad - BIR)

The Building Information Council (Bouw Informatie Raad, or BIR) promotes widespread application of BIM in the Dutch construction and infrastructure industry. BIR is a unique partnership between various stakeholders in the construction industry, where the members represent both their construction industry segment and their own company. They make practical agreements that are in the interests of the entire industry and ensure these are implemented within their own segment. The partnership focuses on implementing BIM to strengthen the quality, continuity and competitive position of the Dutch construction and infrastructure industry. The resources cotained on the website help to accelerate the development and adoption of BIM within the Netherlands.

BIM was initially mainly used as a 3D model, coupled with standardized, validated information from structures in the design phase. Today, BIM is applied much more widely. Applying BIM can now also mean that the model with construction information is used across project phases, that it is passed on, or collaborated in by more parties in the construction chain. In civil engineering, some clients have chosen a different approach route. These clients focus on the information about the building, linked to a geographical file and not directly on the 3D representation. The emphasis is on exchanging current, standardized and validated information during the life cycle with construction partners and within the organization using open BIM standards and libraries. All of this change needs updates to the legal situation around BIM. This leaflet explains over two pages the key facts to consider when looking at the legal aspect of BIM.

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