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The Danish Building and Property Agency is a part of the Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing. The agency is the state’s largest property enterprise, contractor and supplier of government work spaces. The agency is divided into three core business areas; Construction, Facility Management, and Rent. As the state’s largest contractor the Danish Building and Property Agency is thus a part of the building project from contracting with the adviser to preparing the project proposition that will later become the initial project and then the head project to completing the tender, project management, and handing over the project to the customer. In their efforts to provide their customers with cost-effective solutions they have a focus on quality assurance throughout the entire project process. Among other things we do that by working on a strong building function made of all the competences involved in a project within e.g. economy, planning and execution. We are also working on quality assurance of the projects through systematic evaluations of the complexity of the project and the project material, which are thoroughly scrutinized for weaknesses so these can be altered before initiating the construction.

At the change of government in 2011, the Danish Building Authority became the jurisdiction of the ICT Executive Order under the Public Construction Act. Since 2007, the ICT Executive Order has been one of the cornerstones of Digital Construction. The Danish Building and Property Agency have gathered considerable practical experience with BIM in construction projects in the past 10 years. First and foremost it recognises that the ICT regulations have changed the industry. BIM has become part of the daily work routine for many consultants and contractors. There´s still is a lack of research and documentation in the field, but the fact that the large Danish contractors are hiring and developing their BIM practice, indicates that BIM pays off.



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