Danish Construction Knowledge Centre


Molio is the building knowledge center designed to promote better and more efficient construction. Molio is the unifying knowledge centre for the Danish construction industry. It is the industry’s common and independent place for the development and establishment of common tools, standards and knowledge. Molio have a mission to be the industry key player who, through involvement, development and dissemination, makes the relevant knowledge available at the right time for the construction companies. Their vision is to contribute significantly to the development and digitization of construction, construction and operations for the benefit of the industry and society.

The Molio website contains lots of information, data and downloads related to their work in the construction sector digitalisation. Specifically Molio provide digital tools through their website to help construction projects. These tools help you to access the knowledge and data you need in an simple and easy-to-use way. Our digital tools support the central disciplines of construction – including estimate calculations, 3D modelling, documentation, collaboration, ICT and much more.



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