Data Modelling Guidelines

Finnish Rail Agency

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (Väylävirasto), shortened to FTIA, is a Finnish government agency responsible for the maintenance of Finland’s road, rail, and waterway systems. The agency’s parent organization is the Ministry of Transport and Communications. FTIA have an annual budget for their works in the region of 2.1 billion euros. The FTIA is composed of five divisions and two functional areas that report directly to the Director General. These divisions are: Operations Management, Transport Network Planning, Projects, Infrastructure Management, Infrastructure Access and Information. FTIA is a skilled procurement organisation whose mission is promoting the easy movement of people and the efficient transport of goods by the world of business. In the summer of 2019, FTIA committed to the a vision for standardizing the information management of the built environment: “Defined and regulated information flows comprehensively throughout the entire life cycle of the built environment. The starting point in FTIAÂ’s operations is that each project would be implemented in the best possible way based on information models and open information management standards. However, the quality of the data models has not been measured or monitored Operations are supported by interoperable information services and systems.

These pages contain the FTIAÂ’s current guidelines and draft guidelines related to infrastructure. The current technical guidelines and standards are also presented in the FITA’s list of guidelines. The project’s data management and data modelling are guided by the instructions in this document, the order of competence of which in the event of conflict is the order mentioned. If a further instruction has made a clarification or additions to the higher instructions that do not conflict with the higher instruction, the lower instruction applies. The instructions can be found in the FTIA list of instructions.


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