Development process for BIM

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The Development Process for BIM (Utvecklingsprocess för BIM-nyttor) highlights the main goal of the introduction and use of BIM as value creation that can be measured. With the introduction of BIM comes investments in software, hardware and personnel resources. There are also changes in work processes and organisation. This guide provides support in the development of BIM benefits to meet different information needs in the activities associated with projects and project management.

The target group for this guidance is business developers, information managers and IT managers responsible for the implementation of BIM within an organisation. To answer how BIM should be implemented and used, the question needs to be broken down and linked to the needs and goals of the business. This report outlines the development process for how this can be achieved. Carrying out the activities in this process will result in a specified set of requirements for the scope, content and execution of BIM. Furthermore, the development process provides an implementation plan with intermediate goals on how to implement BIM within an organisation.

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