Digital Spain 2025

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Spain

Over the last two decades, the Spanish government has been adopting programmes for digital progress, aligned with the European digital agendas, which have served as a framework to promote a process of infrastructure deployment and development. The aim is to develop a business and technological ecosystem in a key area for economic productivity, territorial structure and social progress. Thus, the Info XXI Plan, the Españ Program, the Avanza Plan and, lastly, the Digital Agenda for Spain of February 2013 have enabled a strategic approach that has guided a major public and private investment effort in this field. Most of these digital strategies and agendas have been articulated around four lines of action: (1) the deployment of networks and services for digital connectivity; (2) the digitisation of the economy; (3) the improvement of electronic administration, and (4) training in digital skills. Although progress has been significant in all areas, the public and private investment emphasis has been clearly focused on the extension of physical telecommunications networks.

Digital Spain 2025 (España Digital 2025) includes a set of measures, reforms and investments, articulated in 10 strategic axes, aligned with the digital policies set by the European Commission. The actions of the Agenda are aimed at promoting more sustainable and inclusive growth, driven by the synergies of the digital and ecological transitions, which reach society as a whole and reconcile the new opportunities offered by the digital world with respect for constitutional values and the protection of individual and collective rights:

  1. Guarantee adequate digital connectivity for 100% of the population, promoting the disappearance of the digital divide between rural and urban areas.
  2. Continue to lead the deployment of 5G technology in Europe, encouraging its contribution to increased economic productivity, social progress and territorial structure.
  3. Strengthen the digital skills of workers and citizens as a whole.
  4. Reinforce Spain’s capacity in cybersecurity, consolidating its position as one of the European poles of business capacity.
  5. Promote the digitisation of Public Administrations.
  6. Accelerate the digitisation of companies, with special attention to SMEs and start-ups.
  7. Accelerate the digitisation of the production model through sectoral transformation tractor projects that generate structural effects.
  8. Improve the attractiveness of Spain as a European platform for business, work and investment in the audio-visual field.
  9. Promote the transition to a data economy, guaranteeing security and privacy and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by Artificial Intelligence.
  10. Guarantee the rights of citizens in the new digital environment.

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