Digitisation of the Construction Process in Poland

Ministry of Development & Technology

The project “Digitization of the construction process in Poland” aims to change the national construction industry so it becomes more efficient. During meetings, attended by representatives of the European Commission, the Ministry of Development, Labour and Technology, the Contractor and a wide range of stakeholders, experiences were presented related to the implementation of the BIM methodology and the digitisation of construction. Examples from Poland and other countries across the world, as well as further steps planned by the Ministry of Development, Labour and Technology, were showcased, including the creation of a BIM Working Group / Steering Committee in accordance with the recommendations of a Roadmap, devised to form the basis for developing a strategy for the implementation of the BIM methodology in public procurement. The meetings were.

The project, started in November 2019, has been aimed at popularising BIM in the Polish construction market. From the very beginning, the project included meetings with stakeholders: investors, public entities, designers and general contractors. Entities and persons participating in the initial meetings also participated in subsequent events and in consultations of documents that were created within the project. This website contains links to many documents and resources relating to this project.

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