Dubai BIM Mandate (Circular 196)

Dubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality is one of the largest governmental institutions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it is considered as one of Dubai’s leading growth and development institutions in terms of its smart projects and services. Over the years, Dubai Municipality has excelled in managing 6 vital sectors. This has helped to make Dubai one of the most advanced and sustainable global cities. Dubai Municipality has also been able to expand and grow through 34 Departments, 126 sections and 4 Centres within an organizational structure that includes support and development offices and the persistent efforts of more than 11,000 employees and workers. The Dubai Municipality mission is to plan, develop and manage an excellent city that provides the essence of success and sustainable living.

In 2013 the Dubai Municipality issued circular (196), which mandated the use of BIM for architectural and MEP work on certain projects. The use of BIM in the UAE has been on the rise even before this mandate however this was a catalyst for change. For example, BIM has been used in a number of high profile projects, including the Opera House at Downtown Dubai, the Midfield Terminal Complex Development at Abu Dhabi Airport and the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi. In addition, the Dubai Road and Transports Authority recently became the first government entity in the world to be awarded a BIM certification by the British Standards Institution. Dubai Municipality’s mandate – circular 196 – pertained to the application of the first stage of BIM in the construction and mechanical (parts) on buildings and this was mandated on the following facilities:
– Buildings that are above 40 floors.
– Building with area’s larger than 300 thousand square feet.
– Specialised buildings such as hospitals, universities, and all that is similar to that.
– All buildings requested on behalf of a foreign office.


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