ETS BIM Manual

ETS, Basque Rail Infrastructure

For two years, ETS (Euskal Trenbide Sarea), the public entity responsible for rail projects in the Basque country, has been in the process of implementing the BIM methodology. Among the lines of action of this process are:

  • Awareness for all the people of the entity and specific training when required.
  • Definition of the minimum requirements of the technical specifications of projects and works of ETS.
  • Elaboration of the main lines that will govern the modelling.
  • Development of pilot projects using the BIM methodology.

As a result of this commitment, the ETS BIM manual has been developed. It is intended for the different collaborating companies: service providers, contractors and subcontractors. The manual needs to be used in all phases of the action (design, construction and maintenance), with the aim of defining the framework for the production and delivery of BIM information in each phase of the project.

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