EU BIM Task Group

EU BIM Task Group

The European Commission awarded the EU BIM Task Group funding for two years (2016-2017) to deliver a common European network aimed at aligning the use of Building Information Modelling in public works across the region. Europe’s public procurers, policy makers and public estate owners recognise the positive and transformative effect that digitisation brings to both public works and the construction sector. The Task Group’s vision is to encourage the common use of BIM, as ‘digital construction’, in public works with the common aim of improving value for public money, quality of the public estate and for the sustainable competitiveness of industry.

The EU BIM Task Group was formed to deliver a pan-European approach to best practice in BIM (building information modelling). It brings together national efforts into a common and aligned European approach to develop a world-class digital construction sector. The website highlights the current developments and outputs of the Task Group, including current news, events, documents and resources.  It also offers the EU BIM Task Group’s Handbook for BIM implementation and the Cost Benefit Analysis for BIM. Publications are available in several languages.

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