General Guidelines for BIM Approach in Construction

Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers

The Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers (Hrvatska Komora Inženjera Građevinarstva) is an independent professional organisation of certified civil engineers, construction engineers, head of works, and other construction professionals based in the Republic of Croatia. The chamber is set up for people who perform the tasks of the regulated profession, in accordance with special regulations governing the performance of activities in the field of zoning and construction.

The Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers represents its members and their interests. It seeks to improve engineering activities in order to protect the public interest and interests of third parties. It preserves the reputation, honour and rights of certified civil engineers, and provides conditions for the proper performance of design and/or professional supervision of construction.

This document was produced by the Chamber of Civil Engineers to enable and support the adoption of BIM on projects. The guidelines cover the introduction to BIM and how it can be used in Croatian projects. They also explain the full information management and data exchange process alongside how models can be used on projects. The guidance can be used by organisations to make their first steps towards the introduction of BIM.

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