Global BIM Study – Lessons for Ireland’s BIM Programme

CitA Ireland
Feb 06, 2017

The Construction IT Alliance (CitA) BIM Innovation Capability Programme (BICP), funded by Enterprise Ireland, aims to capture the construction industry’s and academia’s capability to respond to the increased requirements for BIM in Irish construction projects. The BICP is a direct response to the ‘Construction 2020 report’, published in 2014. The report aims to promote the use of BIM and develop the appropriate technical skills amongst Irish construction firms so that they can compete in a market where BIM is a requirement. There are four distinct work packages to achieve the strategic objectives of the BICP, which include a systemic review of BIM adoption in international regions, with a particular focus on the enablers that can support national implementation programmes.

This Global BIM Study focusses on exploring the value proposition behind BIM adoption in international regions and what governments and professional bodies are doing to advance it. A number of countries from across different continents were explored as part of this study, as well as European countries. The study highlights the strategic importance of BIM to international governments and identifies the common themes or pillars present within international BIM programmes. These include public leadership, growth capability and industry capacity, building a common collaborative business environment and, above all, creating a more productive, less adversarial construction sector.

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