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Government Buildings Agency (Rijksvastgoedbedrijf - RVB)

The Central Government Real Estate Agency (Rijksvastgoedbedrijf) was formed in January 2016 by the merger of four government real estate agencies: the Defence Real Estate Agency, the Government Buildings Agency, the State Property and Development Agency, and the Government Real Estate Directorate. Their portfolio includes prisons, court buildings, military barracks, airports, defence sites, ministerial offices, ports, tax offices, listed buildings and historical monuments, museums and palaces. The agencies purpose is to make these buildings and sites available in order to meet the property needs of central government. The Central Government Real Estate Agency uses BIM to obtain up-to-date, reliable information about buildings under its management.

BIM gives the Central Government Real Estate Agency reliable information on its stock of buildings and other assets which it can then use to make better and more informed future decisions. The agency will use the information from BIM for various reasons, for example:
– to manage contracts
– to manage buildings
– to monitor the quality, safety and health aspects of our buildings
– to account for the buildings under our management as part of our stock
The Agencies use of BIM complements their efforts to maintain professional commissioning practices in the public sector. The Agency have prescribed a set of BIM standards for building and maintenance providers, known as the RVB BIM Norm. A provider must supply a permanent stream of up-to-date building information product in order to comply with these standards, for example in the form of building models and graphics. These products contain the data prescribed under the standards. The Agency prescribe the RVB BIM Norm for DBFMO contracts and for a number of integrated management contracts.


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