Government Construction Strategy 2016-2020 

The Infrastructure and Projects Authority

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The Government Construction Strategy (GCS) 2016-20 aimed to develop the UK Government’s capability as a construction client in order to achieve efficiency savings and further establish best practices developed under the GCS 2011-15.  

The overall aim was to provide a coordinated approach to a highly fragmented industry to improve the delivery, efficiency and performance of construction projects in the public, private and regulated sectors.  

Key objectives included:  

  • Supporting the use of digital technology, including Building Information Modelling (BIM).  
  • Establishing collaborative procurement techniques that allow early contract and supply chain involvement. These include recruiting and upskilling the workforce while promoting fair payment.  
  • Fostering whole-life approaches to reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions across the construction, operation and maintenance of public buildings and infrastructure.  

GCS 2016-20 encompassed a collaborative action plan to deliver its objectives involving Working Groups – including representatives of central government departments, the wider public sector and industry – the Strategic Delivery Group and the Government’s Construction Board.  

The Infrastructure and Projects Authority was tasked to deliver the Strategy in partnership with major construction spending departments and agencies.  

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