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Guatemala Association for BIM Standardisation

ageBIM (Asociación Guatemalteca de Estándares BIM) are a non-profit association that seeks to foster dialogue between the public-private sectors and academia to create a smart digital economy that transforms the way cities are planned, built and managed. Their main objective is to help the construction sector to take the fundamental step towards digital transformation, channelling technical concerns, knowledge and information related to BIM, also constituting an instance of development, dissemination and good practices to “improve the productivity of the country” and technological development in the sector. The associations mission is to develop the communication and correct implementation of methodologies and technologies in the industry, to provide transparency in the process of building the physical and digital infrastructure of Guatemala. They have a vision to be the leading organization in the digital transformation of the construction industry through standardization and continuous improvement that derive from the implementation of new methodologies, processes and technologies.

The facebook page of the ageBIM group advertises all of the latest news and events as well as providing a host for many videos which the association have published. This facebook page should be read in conjunction with the main website however the facebook page is usually updated more frequently than the main site.


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