Guide for the Elaboration of a BIM Execution Plan

Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (MITMA)

The BIM Execution Plan – BEP (Plan de Ejecución BIM – PEB) is a document that reflects the strategies, processes, resources, techniques, tools and systems needed to ensure compliance with the BIM requirements requested by the client for a specific project and a phase or specific phases of its lifecycle. That is why its compilation requires the participation of all the agents involved in the phase or phases in which said plan is going to be applied. In the field of public bidding, it is a contractual document if it is part of the offer technique approved by the Administration.

This guide provides recommendations to the agents who write Execution Plans, in order that they can meet the requirements demanded via specifications in relation to the content of the BIM Execution Plan (PEB) of a project.

To develop the scope of this guide, the following considerations have been taken into account:

  • Good recommended practices.
  • PEB templates already existing outside the national scope.
  • Minimum contents suggested in the Bidding Guide.
  • ISO 21500 Standard on Project Management – understanding the PEB as a Plan for addressing issues relating to model generation and model derivatives in the framework of a project.

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