Guide to Standards, Methods and Procedures

Government of Colombia

Developed by the Colombia’s BIM Technical committee, this guide to Standards, Methods and BIM Procedures helps to explain and outline all the elements needed for adopting BIM in a structured and consistent way. It helps to explain the technical framework for BIM in Colombia.

This document aims to guide the project’s parties in the definition of standards, norms, methods and procedures required for BIM implementation in a structured and consistent way. It supports the creation of a collaboration plan from the early stages of a project, including permits and the structure of collaboration. This will help team members to optimise communication during the development of the project, allowing the efficiency of a collaborative management system, in order to:

  • Give a clear definition of the information that the project client or asset owner needs, as well as the methods, processes, deadlines and protocols for the development and verification of this information.
  • Ensure that the quantity and quality of the information developed is sufficient to satisfy the defined needs.
  • Allow efficient and effective transfers of information between the different participating agents in each part of the asset lifecycle, especially between the development phases.

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