Guidelines for BIM approach in infrastructure projects

Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers

This is the website for the non-profit association – BIM Croatia. This organisation contributes to the initiation and development of the application of BIM in Croatia by setting standards through various professions, jobs and software, and also advise, educate encourage and inform about the application of BIM in the right way.

The website has a wealth of resources, including a link to a Handbook for the introduction of BIM by the European public sector, etc., guidelines, and a vast array of BIM-related articles, with a historical archive. There are also links to BIM-related events and courses. The Guidelines for BIM approach in infrastructure projects is issued by the Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers, and looks at the full application of BIM in infrastructure projects.

An archive version of this information article has been created if the original is no longer accessible (Archive information from January 2024)


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