ICT Executive Order for Digital Construction

Danish Buildings and Property Agency

The Danish Building and Property Agency is a part of the Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing. The agency is the state’s largest property enterprise, contractor and supplier of government work spaces. The agency is divided into three core business areas; Construction, Facility Management, and Rent. As the government’s property enterprise for universities and office workplaces they have a mission that they must deliver more efficiently and professionally, than if the customers themselves were responsible. The Danish Building and Property Agency has evidently found that BIM models enables better coordination in projects, especially when combined with an efficient digital quality assurance. Better data for operations and maintenance is both an opportunity and a challenge, and the Agency will focus on these data for the years to come.

Denmark has had ICT regulations for larger public sector construction projects since 2007. The Danish Building and Property Agency has been the responsible authority for those ICT regulations since 2011. These regulations state requirements for the use of BIM and the open source IFC standard. This document titled the ‘Regulation concerning the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in public construction’ explains the use of ICT, including BIM for projects in Denmark. The regulation covers some of the legal aspects of BIM implementation including procurement and use or exchange of data.



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