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The India BIM Association, or IBIMA is the leading professional national society for BIM and Digitalization in the Indian Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operation (AECO) sector. The India BIM Association is registered as a national level not-for-profit society and was formed in 2016. Their vision is to serve as the voice of IndiaÂ’s BIM community, IBIMA represents, supports and advocates on behalf of the entire Indian BIM community to build a positive business environment for the efficient deployment of BIM, for all engaged in utilizing BIM technologies, processes and protocols in India. The IBIMA focuses mainly on 4 topics: (1) BIM education and training; (2) Organizing BIM summits & events; (3) BIM policy development; (4) BIM maturity assessments and certifications. We are glad to inform you that India BIM Association is firmly moving ahead in spreading BIM awareness to the Indian AECO industry and academia with IBIMA reaching to roughly thirty-five thousand Indians (up to April 2019).

IBIMA is for IndiaÂ’s BIM technology, process and policy field players. In simple terms it is for everyone with an involvement or interest in BIM i.e. technology, policy or process players involved one way or the other in delivering BIM projects in the Indian construction industry. The Mission is to provide the Indian BIM Community a collective voice dedicated to BIM technology, processes, and protocols. They offer their members with support, learning opportunities and best practices for BIM in an Indian context while maintaining connectivity with international partners. This website contains links to sign up for membership as well as details of upcoming and previous events.


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