Information Delivery Specification (Design & Engineering)

BIM Loket

BIM Loket is working towards a sector in which working with BIM and open standards is the norm. As part of this they need to develop information and training related to BIM to upskill the industry and increase the capability to deliver these requirements. The BIM Loket website contains lots of information and support documentation like this foundation to information delivery. Collaboration is better if the information we build on is interchangeable, structured, unambiguous, correct, complete and reusable. The BIM basic information delivery specification (BIM basis ILS) is a good first step for making this ambition a reality.

The ILS Design & Engineering was created to communicate the information needs for the design and engineering phase unambiguously and recognizably. This specifies what information must be present in the process, where, and when. Not knowing when and where to provide or expect information causes frustrations, errors and an inefficient process. This problem seems to be becoming increasingly acute due to the increasing computerization and digitization. In our fragmented sector, an organization alone will not be able to break this ban and we must collectively implement structural improvements. The ILS O&E symbolizes the activation of the collective and the integral approach.
The solution offered is to make sure that we understand each other, for this, there must be an understanding of the content on the one hand and recognition of the way of communicating on the other. With the launch of ILS O&E, the sector has a tool with which organizations within projects can create a project-specific ILS. Alignment has been found on content and the way of communicating. By standardizing the demand side (communicating the information needs), the supply side can organize itself more efficiently and effectively. This will contribute in its entirety to the integrality of the design process and the transfer of information to production.


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