Information Management According to BS EN ISO 19650.   Guidance Part 2: Processes for Project Delivery

UK BIM Alliance

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This guidance was issued in July 2019 by the UK BIM Alliance, BSI and CDDB as a complement to Information Management according to BS EN ISO 19650 – Guidance Part 1: Concepts, published in April 2019.  

It aims to help UK businesses and public clients understand the processes indicated in ISO 19650, with a focus on the different parties and their team activities referred in the standard: the Appointing Party, Lead Appointed Party and Appointed Party; the Project Team, Delivery Team and Task Team.  

The guidance explains the role of each party by summarising their activities and outputs at each stage of the construction project, for instance how to coordinate information requirements, delivery milestones and information standards. It covers how to establish the information protocol, the management of the common data environment, how the information should be shared, reviewed and eventually archived alongside the lessons learned to help with future projects.  

It details how each party fits into a team and across teams, which documents need compiling, which resources need sourcing and/or mobilising, how information models are assessed for compliance and which party is in charge of, say, establishing the delivery team’s capability and capacity.  

A summary provides an overview of the Information Management Process, divided in stages, from Assessment and Need through Tender, Appointment, Mobilization, Collaborative Production of information and Information Model Delivery to Project Close-out.

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